10 Must-Try Dishes From Zagat's San Francisco Survey Winners

... Brenda Buenviaje's beloved Creole- and French-inspired soul foodery near Civic Center [is] winner of this year’s Best Breakfast category. Here, the dish you're most likely to find on a customer's plate is her addictive New Orleans-inspired beignets, which come plain, filled with molten Ghirardelli chocolate or cinnamon-laced apples, or, our favorite, stuffed with spicy crawfish.

—Zagat / Meesha Halm

Top 10 Best Places for Fried Chicken in SF 2012 (We're #1!) >

At Brenda's in the Tenderloin, there is a menu item boldly titled Best Fried Chicken (B.F.C.), a seemingly presumptuous title should it not deliver. However, as we learned firsthand, it is no misnomer. Three pieces of tender chicken are encased in a rich and succulent, although still satisfyingly crisp skin, with just the right amount of spice.
—SF Weekly

Brenda’s vs. Dottie’s: Tenderloin Brunch Worth the Wait? > 

At Brenda’s, I was thoroughly charmed by our Southern waitress and her sparkling laugh. The pace of service remained brisk and efficient, while her doting, unhurried manner made it seem like we weren’t eating at breakfast ground zero. Dottie’s service was perfectly OK, but you could feel the strain.
—The Examiner / Jesse Hirsch

Revisiting the Hangtown Fry >

Brenda's, that venerable soul food institution traffics in deliciousness, I figured the Hangtown Fry there was a good place to start...Smoky, porky bacon was the dmoinant flavor, and the oysters had been breaded andfried before being added...they were succulent and meaty.  I surprised myself by eating the whole thing.
—SF Weekly / Anna Roth

Brenda's Hangtown Fry Recipe, featured on >

We're a fan of bacon, fried oysters and eggs by themselves,
but beat them together to make an omelet-frittata and that right there is brunch. 
—Food Republic

Best French Soul Food in San Francisco at Brenda's >

The word's out about Brenda's French Soul Food. Judging from the two hour wait around the block, Brenda's is the best French soul food dining spot in San Francisco.
— / Laurie Farr

6 Great Places for Cooked Oysters >

Ever since Oysters Rockefeller was invented at Antoine's in New Orleans at the turn of the last century, restaurants from coast to coast have been trying to duplicate or improve on this much-loved recipe.
—San Francisco Chronicle / Michael Bauer

Four Fabulous Biscuits You Can Find in San Francisco >

The biscuits here are pretty much the gold standard in the city—they’re pretty damn perfect. Chef-owner Brenda Buenviaje did her own twist on a Fannie Farmer biscuit recipe, and the result is...
—7x7 Magazine / Marcia Gagliardi

Brenda's French Soul Food Kicks It Creole >

Perhaps the best part of the plate, however, was the saucer-size cream biscuit, crumbly and so rich itself that it scarcely needed the pat of butter alongside.
—SF Weekly / Meredith Brody

50 Best New U.S. Restaurants >

In San Francisco, it’s often the smallest concepts that make the biggest impression. Brenda’s French Soul Food, a tiny Louisiana-inspired breakfast-and-lunch joint, is perpetually crowded with fans...
—Travel+Leisure / Anya von Bremzen

Brenda's French Soul Food >

A diamond in the rough Civic Center neighborhood, Brenda's French Soul Food attracts a daily crowd of government workers with its
Creole comfort fare.
—The Wall Street Journal